Wakesurfing in Moscow

Wakesurfing is surfing on a wave which is made by boat. The wave is the same like in the ocean but it is in Moscow river.
Friends, music, atmosphere of happiness it is all for you!
A pledge of good wakesurfing is a boat which makes a long and right wave.

Wakesurfing boat Centurion Vi 24


  • Wave switch in 2 sec
  • Overal length 7,3 m
  • Ballast 2100 kg
  • Engine 450 HP
  • Passenger max 10 pax
  • Sound system 2000 Watt

Centurion Vi 24 "GOLDY"

The 2021 model is the flagship of the company's boat line. The highest level of passenger comfort, a convertible cabin and a big fat wave make this boat truly unrivaled for wakesurfing.

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Mastercraft X30

The legendary sports towboat from Mastercraft has had a significant impact on the development of wakeboarding boats. At the same time, the shipyard continues the "star" series and updates this model almost every year. As a result, the boat received a modern Deck Boats type hull with aggressive sports lines and striking design. The casing is equipped with a Switchback ballast system with FastFill pumps capable of filling tanks in just three minutes.

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Mastercraft X30 wakesurfing boat


  • Wave switch in 2 sec
  • Overal length 7,1 m
  • Ballast 1500 kg
  • Engine 405 HP
  • Passenger max 8 pax
  • Sound system 2000 Watt

Our Team

If you don’t know how to ride WE'LL TEACH YOU!
Do you want to upgrade your skills to a professional level? Everything is possible – in our team we have the Russian Wakesurfing Champion, professional instructors and the most attentive pilots!

Wakesurfing Coach Artem


Wakesurfing Coach
Russian Wakesurfing Champion

Wakesurfing Coach Kostya


Wakesurf Boat Pilot

Wakesurfing Coach Мария Бирюкова


Wakesurfing Coach
multiple winner of wakeboard competitions

Wakesurfing Coach Julia


Wakesurfing Coach
Fitness coach

Wakesurf boat pilot Anton


Wakesurf Boat Pilot

Wakesurf boat pilot Ilya


Wakesurf Boat Pilot


The price is included a boat rental with a driver, wetsuit and board rental.

Centurion Vi 24 "GOLDY" Mastercraft X30
Boat rental 30 minutes
(20 minutes of surfing included)
6000 5000
Boat rental 1 hour
(50 minutes of surfing included)
12000 10000
Membership (subscription)
100 000
1 hour
1 hour
training with coach
20 minutes


You ask – we answer!

To start wakesurfing you should book a boat at a convenient time for you and come 15-20 minutes the lesson. You should take with you swimwear and towel. The rest will be taken care by our team.
It is easy to learn how to ride a wakesurf. To get on the board you are able to do it after your first lesson. For a more confident surfing on a wave without a rope you need to train for 2-3 lessons.
Drinking water from Moscow river is not good idea. But you can swim safely!
Wakesurfing is surfing on a small wave in urban conditions. The difference from ocean surfing is that you don’t need to paddle. The technique on the board, acceleration and turns is the same as in the ocean.
You can learn basic elements of surfing such as Bottom Turn, Pumping, Floater, Lipslide, and advanced tricks: Air, Aleey oop, FS 180...

Our Mission

The endless summer that you dream of, sitting at work and looking out the window, is here with you if you are with Endless Summer!

Surfing in Moscow is real!

Endless Summer in Moscow which means that you have all chances to surf and wakesurf recharge positive emotions with your friend, acquire Balinese peace and a smile that never passes from you face!

Rest from the rabid rhythm of the city, enjoy the wave, nature and beauty of the Moscow river, the speed of the boat, splashing water, good music and a pleasant company.

All you need is board shorts/bikini and board! By the way we make high quality and beautiful boards for wakesurfing which you can test and buy!

Surf Camp in Bali

Come to Bali and catch a real ocean wave!
Stay in mini hotel for surfers which is located in beautiful rice terraces. Enjoy the holidays, surf every day on the best waves and progress in our Surf Camp.

Wakesurf boards Endless Summer

Wakesurfboard Endless Summer are produced in a surf paradise – on the island of Bali.
We help you to choose a board for your level of riding: from beginner to a Pro - you can find perfect board which is right for you.

Tested by professional riders

The boards are tested by Russian Wakesurfing Champion – Artem Khalyavin.

Unique design

Each board is oriented to a certain level of riding and has a unique design.

Superior quality

Our wakeboards are made of modern quality materials which guarantees their lightness and durability.

Wakesurf boards Endless Summer

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